White as Snow and Black as Night

It was a dim-litted, cluttered and just her kind of a bar. The kind that sold Black Briar Mead. The woman was barely 30 of age, yet she sat there surrounded by sturdy and old men, belonging. Even the men got the air from her as he stepped in, that it wasn’t strange at all for her to be there. It might’ve been the leather armor, the mighty sword dangling on her hip or cold look of her eyes.

Indeed those eyes had seen many things and their pale irises were like snow on a winter morning. White, and nothing else. They were the eyes of a Nord that had been dragged of to a burning desert of Morrowind just to be taught how to serve a high and mighty Dunmer lord proberly.

But even if everyone in that little cornerclub felt like she belonged, they did not spare many words for the traveller. Little did they knew about her, and Whisper felt relieved to find that ignorance in this small town. She was tired of being in Whiterun. News travelled fast there, faster than she could comprehend. It was no news there that the owner of the Breezehome, Whisper, was rumoured to be the Dragonborn. Of course she earned respect being the thane of that town too. And who wouldn’t appreciate a Brave Companion? Here though, no one knew and it gave Whisper the relaxed moment she needed, sitting on a bar stool.

In the midst of requests and jests, a bard found himself thirsty for some wine. So  he excused himself from his company and sat on the stool next to Whisper’s. She didn’t mind him. He ordered a glass of Alto Wine and drank it down quicker than was healthy. And another glass was ordered. 

As they sat there side by side, the bard felt a need to converse a little. Whisper was in a good mood after a few bottles of mead and took up the chat happily. They talked of tales and songs and dragons and maids and how the fighting in real life happened, according to Whisper’s experience. Somehow the conversation drifted from subject to another and in the end Whisper found herself telling a tale from her past.

"I once knew a redguard girl, same age as I, who was part high elf. She had dark skin, but hair like copper and eyes all black."

"Who was she?" the bard asked out curiousity and drunkness.

"A better servant than I, that she was… Her name was Hail. Of course that’s just the name she got at the ‘school’." Whisper suddenly remembered everything from back then, but not like it was yesterday, no, but like it was a dream.

"The school? What did you study?"

"Well it wasn’t actually a school… That’s just what we called it. It was a bloody torture house it was. We were taught how to serve food, clean the food, and do all kinds of house chores. It was a place were we slaves were taught to be worthy of working under Elves, whom were the cream of Morrowind. I hated that place. It was in the part where there’s nothing else than rocks and sand. Nothing like here at home. I missed home so much there…"

"You were a slave? How did you ever end up there?"

"That’s a story for another time, don’t you think, bard. I think I’ll be hitting my bunk now, if you don’t mind. I have some dragonslaying to do tomorrow."

It was more like sleeping than falling

It was snowing. A lot. Anthony looked up to the skies, covered with clouds that kept weeping the white snow flakes. His long eyelashes catched some and made him blink his eyes rapidly. Even for a winter day it was pretty cold and he tried to tie his scarf tighter around his neck. He could feel goosebumps on his skin under the thick layer of clothes.

After a while of staring up he started strutting on, towards home. His night sift at the diner had finally ended. He had covered for a friend.
Now the city was fighting the night’s darkness with street lights, bright and white. The new snow snarked under his boots. He had always liked that sound.

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Meet the King

Wearing all black clothes, she took her steps, almost like leaps, and crossed the street. A waiting car had the feeling of relief as she was on the other side and it could move on.

On to the little alley she went, with her blond short hair jumping with every walking step. Soon there was a turn to right and there she saw the first of them. Unlike her they had white clothes. They were much taller than her and both of them unwelcoming. She didn’t knew them or their protocol so she just tried passing through. That didn’t work. She found her path blocked by the right one’s hands.

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Helial, an breezebringer

Summer wind and Sea sky

This is something that happened after ‘A ghost from past, long dead’

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Morning rumours

It was ten in the morning when Lucy woke up to the sound of her cellphone. It wasn’t her alarm sound, but her ringtone, which she didn’t realize at first, but noticed it when she saw “Ty calling” on the screen. Pushing the green button she brought it to her ear and made a terribly tired answer: “Hello, dear brother.”
"Did you just wake up? ‘Cause that sounded like half a yawn to me, dear sister", Tyler said returning the courtesy and talking as fast as always. After becoming a PR agent he had not wasted a minute to talk slow.
"Yes I did, thanks to you. Say what you want and try to make it fast so I can go back to sleep, and I know you really don’t have to try."

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Presenting to you - The Hoffmans

Members: Tina Hoffman (mother, deceased), Claus Hoffman (father, deceased), David Hoffman (24), Tyler and Thomas Hoffman (20) and Lucy Hoffman (19)

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Perfect morning with a twist

She danced to the rhythm that poured out of the radio. She threw her hands in the air and waved them and then they went for the glass of orange juice on the table. Taking a long sip, she continued to sway to the beat and closed her eyes. She concentrated on the song and the fresh tast on her lips.

Tsubaki had a perfect morning. She had just woken up and it was already past noon. In her bedroom, Ryouji continued sleeping despite the loud, upbeat music. Tsubaki peeked through the door and smiled at the sight of him, lying there on his stomach, arms streched all over the bed.

The small apartment had been stuffed with furniture and things. She was a materialist and she knew it and embraced it. Someone else though might have thought that her home wasn’t roomy enough for that much possessions.

As she drank the juice, her fingers walked across the spines of books on her shelf. They were many and every one different. She didn’t care for book serieses, because they were so long and she knew she would lose her intrest before getting them read.

When a cold forehead leaned on her shoulder she startled a little and turned her suprise face towards her lover.
"Did I wake you?"
"Yes, in the middle of the night you were kicking me", he smiled and kissed her on the lips and she kissed her back.
"I think I need to go to work. I mean, Ren’s going to be furious…again…" she explained and passed on the glass which still contained some juice. He took it and drank, but you could see from his face afterwards that it hadn’t been a good idea.
"Um.. yeah… I’m no good. I’ll go back to bed", he turned on his heels and strutted back, falling on the bed.

She giggled at the sight of him and carried the glass to its place in the kitchen sink. She took her things, opened the door and without a word snuck out, leaving the music on.

Ghost from the past, long dead

She was walking through the streets eyeing at a magazine she had bought not too long ago. An intresting column about how people are addicted to change. Her greyish blue eyes moved with from word to word and with each word the text seemed more intresting.

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